So here's the thing:

When the doctor told me the lump was cancer, I went into shock. And after a bit of worrying, I decided that I would try not to die. I also decided I would reward myself with another goal or two- I made it my aim to play at Glastonbury Festival the next year. I also decided that I should have a good record of 10 of my best songs recorded as I had heard them in my head.

Not dying required the hard work of fabulous doctors and the NHS. Playing Glastonbury required the kindness of Steve Henwood. Making the album required time, patience and some wizardry with my limited equipment.

I started recording at home as I started chemotherapy, but my mind was cloudy and tired. To make the process easier for myself I dug out old demos and live recordings from years ago and used those as guide tracks. Here I was, an older, wiser (iller) me, playing along with a younger, more hopeful (and fitter) me.

In some cases I kept the original demos: Good To Be Alive has the vocal recorded live in 1994, Brothers is built up version of a demo from 1990 -complete with cassette tape hiss. In other cases I started again. As I sang the lyrics of the songs that "younger me" had written, they took on new meanings and became a source of hope and inspiration. I went deaf in one ear during radiotherapy, but I carried on. And as I slowly recovered, I started to fine-tune the album. I kept going until I ended up with the version of each song as I had heard it in my head as I wrote it.

So, I didn't die. And it is looking as though the doctors performed a miracle. Steve Henwood fulfilled my second aim and invited me to play at Glastonbury Festival in 2015. And finally here is the last goal - Big Life - ten songs I am very proud of and I love to play.


Recorded between Jan 2015 and Oct 2016. Bits of vocals, guitar and some of the rough tracks date back to 1991
All songs copywright Andy Burden: Whole Lot Happier Now 1996; Make Love With The Morning 1996; Good To Be Alive 1991; You Lose 1992; I Found Everything 1990; Big Sun 2008; This Is The Healing 1995; Brothers 1990; Travelling Man 1997; Day After Day 1995.